Allowing people to get involved with some of the floral decorating can add a really special dimension to the day and turn the run-up into part of the celebration itself.


Everyone wants  'the perfect wedding' but, having worked with scores of brides over the years, achieving that doesn't have to mean total control over every element, down to the smallest detail. If you have people with some knowledge, who want to help with the flowers, it can turn the preparation days into a really special part of the occasion.


If you start with beautiful flowers, (and if your 'helpers' can contribute something from their gardens, so much the better), have a bit of direction about conditioning them properly and managing the mechanics so they achieve what was planned (and are safe!), and a professional guide on hand all the time to advise and tweak where necessary, it's nigh on impossible to end up with a disaster. And because, at any one time, I will only be concentrating on your event, I am delighted to work this way.



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