A pre-event session, a seasonal extravanganza, a really special hen-party, a present for a friend, or just a lovely way to spend some hours - book a bespoke course with me and go away with some new skills and the fruits of your labour to enjoy at home or to  gift to someone special.

I'm not a great believer in setting rigid rules when it comes to flowers but there are some really useful things to be learnt: how to pick and condition flowers so they stay looking their best for as long as possible (who would have thought boiling water and wilting roses would make a happy pairing!); some knowledge of the mechanics available so you can hang, swag, drape or spiral your arrangements where you will; methods for including candles in your designs; the basics of producing a hand-tied bouquet and how to wrap it for presentation;  techniques for wiring a butonniere, or trade tricks for successfully using wide-necked, even leaky,  vintage containers for your arrangements.


If you want to do the event flowers yourself, and just want some help with design ideas, general skills and making the right choice in chosing and ordering the flowers, I am happy to create a specific course for you and helpers. If you want to get together with some friends and have some fun, (how about a hen party with a difference?), I offer that as well.


Prices vary depending on number of people, location, length and what you want to cover. Let me know what your focus is, whether you would like refreshments, and the size of your group, and I will get back to you with suggestions and prices.


Some of the tools of the trade - a variety of tapes and Fix (like Blutac but works when it's wet); cages to hold wet foam for creating pew ends or hanging arrangements; pearl-headed pins; water tubes and stem extenders to allow placement of flowers in a large variety of arrangements; wires; gutta percha tape for finishing button holes; raffia and coconut rope; moss; skeleton leaves; candles and vintage terracotta pots.

Students show off their aqua-packed, presentation bouquets produced during a summer workshop at Alhampton.

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Get to grips with some of the kit in a florist's tool bag so you can let your imagination run wild and have the wherewithal to make it happen:

various sized cages - for attaching large or small 'whooshes' to pillars, marquee entrances, pew ends etc; candle holders or cocktail sticks for placing church candles in table centres; Oasis fix - green 'Blutac' that works when it's wet; stem tape for wrapping round a boutonniere or corsage; stem-extender systems so you can construct a serious, in-your-face, enormous display;moss, wires, butchers hooks, wirecutters, a variety of twines and raffia, containers, vintage flower pots, bridal pins .... a host of mechanics that, once you know how to use them, open up the creative possibilities.

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